Ohio Fleet Radio is your home for Hip-hop and RnB. That includes local, underground and indie artists. We also have a playlist of mainstream music in rotation. We have a commitment to service the grind of each artist and be of service to the artist by providing a platform for interviews, record breaking, station takeovers, promo commercials and more. However, we treat all music provided to us with the same love and respect, giving each record a substantial amount of rotation. We are also registered with Digital Radio Tracker so artists get their records accounted for and proper compensation goes to the artist. 

Ohio Fleet Radio currently has six DJ mixshows that run daily. Each mixshow has its own style and genre provided by a member of the Fleet DJs. We also have two talk programs and are looking to expand that department. We always welcome artists to reach out to one of our Program Directors to ask about our promotion package. Get in touch with us in the contact us section below.

Ohio Fleet Radio is part of a 30 plus channel internet radio network. We are a proud branch to the fleetdjradio.com tree. All of our DJs are also part of the Fleet DJ crew! Fleet DJs consist of DJs, models, producers, artist, photographers, A&R's, graphic designers and more. We have most recently expanded our network, gaining new members from other parts of the country like Japan, Italy and Africa! 







Check back soon for more information on station promotions and contests.




Again, it goes down! DJ Swmpthing and Young Nisa bring you another Prescription to hold you over in this sick indie culture. Vol 10 is currenty playing on Audiomack and SoundCloud. 


Your Prescription is a bi-weekly R&B and hip-hop mixtape that highlights indie artist from around the country!

"Its one of the best ways we know how to celebrate the indie artist and the indie culture", says DJ Swmpthing.


Your RX mixtape currently goes out to hundreds of DJs and has already been a useful source of new indie music to DJs and influencers. 

To be considered for future mixtapes please send a mp3, properly tagged file to submit.rxmixtape@gmail.com!


Rave Rave Rave! Starting July 4th, 2021 OFR is playing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) every Sunday night from 9pm EST to 12am EST. This is EDM for your soul on Ohio Fleet Radio.

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Special promo deal going on until  tomorrow  hit the dm  call 404 465 1546 or email info@fleetdjs.com  #Supreme #djs #artist #promo #Promotions #PromoPackages #industry #music #FLEETDJS #fleetnation #music

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‼Calling Ohio Creatives‼ The Ohio Fleet DJs is looking for more creatives who are interested in building there brand and network!🔌 If you are a DJ, Model,host or any of the above☝️ talents we want you to fill out an 📃application to be apart of the  best DJ crew hands down! Ohio is growing! Dont miss the🚂 train to better your music and media career. Most importantly,🔊 you will be part of a family of hundreds of Fleet DJ members! Go to fleetdjs.com today and fill out the application! #fleetdjs #ohiofleet @fleetdjsohio @fleetdjs #media #influencer #personality



We're always looking for new talent to add to Ohio Fleet Radio's rotation. Your Prescription mixtape series and the Ohio Top 10 are great ways to seek that talent out.


Every 1st and 15th we create a Your Prescription mixtape of artists that we then showcase on the station's rotation.


Each month, we also get together a list of songs that Ohio Fleet has been playing the most of and put em all together! 

Mixer Desk


Thanks for contacting us! We will respond as soon as possible.

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