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Ohio Fleet Radio is your home for local, underground and indie artist and music. We have a commitment to service the grind of the artist and be of service to the artist By providing a platform for interviews, record breaking, station takeovers, promo commercials and more. Yes we also have a health playlist of mainstream music in roatation. However we treat all music provided to us with the same love and respect. Giving each record a substantial amount of rotation. We are also registerned with digital tracking so your record gets accounted for and proper compensation comes to the artist. 

Ohio Fleet Radio is part of a 16 channel internet radio network. We are a proud branch to the fleetdjradio.com tree. All of our DJs are also part of the Fleet DJ crew! Fleet DJs consist of DJs, models, poducers, artist, photographers, A&RS, Graphic designers and more. We have  most recently expanded our network. Gaining new members from other parts of the country like Japan, Italy and Africa! 

  Ohio Fleet Radio Currently has 6 DJ mixshows that run daily. each mixshow has its own style and genre provided by a member of the Ohio fleet DJs. We also have two talk programs and we are looking to expand that department. We always welcome artist to reach out to one of our Program Directions and ask our promotion package.